Queen Of Southern Soul & Zydeco Stephanie McDee

Stephanie McDee aka "Da Queen Of Southern Soul & Zydeco", was born in New Orleans, La on August 9,1963. She is married and the mother of six wonderful children. She is widely recognized as the Queen of Zydeco and Southern Soul. She currently resides in Baker, La.

"Da Queen" is known for her hit songs "Call The Police", "Monkey Talk", and "Pony Slide" to name a few. She continues to bring more music produced by Multi-Platinum producer Phunk Dawg, who has also produced "Aye Bay Bay" and "Hand Clap" by Hurricane Chris and "Do the Ratchet" by Lil Boosie.

Stephanie has worked with many legendary artists such as Raful Neal, Jackie Neal, Peggy Scott Adams, Bobby Rush and numerous other Blues legends.

Throughout the last 25 years, "Da Queen" has performed in venues all over the world. She has been instrumental in helping new artists enter the Southern Soul/ Blues arena (e.g. Pokey Bear). However, Stephanie is more than a singer. She is a social activist and philanthropist. "Da Queen" has worked in the "Black Lives Matter" movement in Baton Rouge, La. She has also established an outreach shelter for homeless people in Atlanta, Georgia.

Stephanie mainstreamed zydeco and reintroduced line dancing with her release of "Call the Police". As a result, she has paved the way for many current dance artists. Her famous song, "Call the Police", was the #1 song in Paris for 3 years. This song transcended cultural lines and remains widely popular today. "Call the Police" was also featured on Oprah Winfrey's popular television show "Queen Sugar" this season.

"Da Queen" shares a birthday with musical icon Whitney Houston. They were both born on August 9, 1963. This is also the same month and year that Martin Luther King, Jr delivered his extraordinary "I Have A Dream" speech. During this time in history, the country was in turmoil and the civil rights movement was about to change the country.

Stephanie is currently the host of an online radio show, "Annie Mae's Café" (southern soul) on WRFN1025.org  ON Saturdays @ 12:00PM Noon Which Repeats Wednesdays @ 5:00AM And Fridays @ 4:00PM... This show is broadcast all over the world.

"Da Queen" is planning a summer tour of the United Kingdom and Paris, France. She will grace the same stage that The Beatles performed on. "Da Queen" will be in the home country of Queen Elizabeth II !

Stephanie has recently released several new songs. Some of them include: "If You Lay, You Gon' Pay", "Aye Bae Bae Zydeco", and "TGIF (DJ Play That Song for Me)". Her "Cheating On Me" video featuring Pokey Bear, Tyree Neal, and the LP Steppers is currently trending on YouTube with over a half million views.

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